F&B Upland Birds

Memorial Hunts

Our friend, Brian Waldmeier
He will always be remembered in our hearts. 9/27/86 - 11/18/18

Written by written by Tom and his close friends: “Brian loved hunting, especially bird hunting with his close friends at Ginna Nuclear Power Plant and his GSP dog Nora. This was her first year bird hunting. Brian always looked forward to setting up the big hunt that we would do with F&B and he would start spreading the word and be extremely excited about it. He always talked about how great the food was and how beautiful the property is. Brian was extremely funny and was almost always the center of attention when he was around. We could always count on him to make us laugh uncontrollably. Brian always told people how he saw things and didn’t sugar coat things and you could count on him. He would always give tips and advice and gave me a lot of pointers in training my GSP Ruger. We joked about how our dogs were boyfriend and girlfriend, and they immediately hit it off. The first time we took them hunting they ran and played and had the best time, but as soon as we were ready to do our push, the dogs got in sync and hunted so well together for their first time being out on state land together. Brian planned our large hunt with F&B before his passing and we still wanted to make it happen. We want to keep this large hunt as a tradition for many more years to come and this year was the first annual Brian M. Waldmeier memorial hunt.”