F&B Upland Birds

References Letters

"My husband & I loved every single second of our phenomenal experience hunting with you guys! :)
Every year, we all get together.. my family and all of my dads buddies and we do an annual hunt with F & B Upland Birds in Hamlin, NY that will always be a very special memory of mine! Bill has always been beyond amazing guiding me.. I am still learning all about pheasant hunting and he has always been so patient with me. Bill truly takes so much time and effort to make sure everyone is having a great time, he makes sure that everyone is safe & comfortable and lastly, he makes sure that every hunter leaves with nothing but the best laughs and memories to bring home! My awesome experiences at F & B Upland Birds have been something I will never forget and my husband had the time of his life for his first pheasant hunt! We will most definitely be back for another hunt!" Ashley

"Our hunt was great! By far and large the best date we've ever had! Pup did great. Little anxious and excited on the first 2 birds which caused premature flushing. So we missed 1 rooster and a hen out of our group of birds. It was so much fun! We thought the customer service was outstanding. You both were very friendly and accommodating. We WILL be back. Thanks for giving Remmy the opportunity she needed. By the second half of our hunt she was showing signs of being a true pro. You guys are the best! Thank you so much again! We will be writing top notch reviews!!" Zach

"Well it has been a month since our hunt in Oct 2016. My son Matt his buddy Pete and I (Bob) just wanted to let you know that WE WILL BE BACK. Bill, Fred and Al we can not thank you enough for a GREAT time. Had a lot of laughs, and the ribbing Bill gave Matt when he missed his first two Pheasants was priceless. He did manage to get on them after he settled down. Then there was dead eye Pete. I don't think he missed a bird. He probably would have shot all ten if we let him. They both did alright for their first ever Pheasant hunt.
Your dog Denali was fantastic for only a 2 year old, she went ten for ten. The memories will live on for ever. Keep up the great work and we will see you all soon. Until then KEEP HUNTING." Bob, Matt & Pete

"Bill Fred and Al - can't thank you guys enough for the hunt today! Best time I have had in a very long time! We will for sure be back soon. Thanks again... Top notch guides." Rocky

"We had a great time! You guys are first class as usual and this was my third year and will come back more often. The dog was great and you were very accommodating on this hunt with my little guy and my lousy shooting this time!" Jason

"Thanks again for an outstanding outing. You guys really know how to make it happen!! Happy holidays to you and your team." Tim

"What a great experience. Everyone was awesome, it was a beautiful day, and watching the dogs work was a blast. Thanks for everything and we'll definitely be back!" Jack H.

"My son Andy set up another pheasant hunt this year at F&B UPLAND BIRDS in Hamlin NY. He invited buds, Vin Granata, Will Elliott and Dr. Pat Baranello along with ol' Dad. The predicted bitter cold nasty weather didn't fully materialize so I could safely participate and it was perfect weather for a bird hunt. We had hunted F&B for the past 2 seasons and the owners Fred Paye and Bill Surridge are great hosts. They have some of the best bird dogs I ever hunted over and maintain excellent natural cover as existed in WNY when we had native pheasants. There are crop fields, red brush, hedgerows and woodlots. Great cover for a pheasant hunt as demanding as in days of old. The boys have a 15' holding net so their birds are superb flyers and capable of multiple flushes. The retrieves their pointers and labs pull off are simply amazing. After the boys missed one of their rare times, the bird after a long flight landed in a tree. The next thing I heard was barking. I thought a neighbor mutt but no, the wonder dogs were barking TREED! This just like a well trained mt. lion hound. Unbelievable! At noon we were treated to a fine lunch of venison and deep fried L Seneca perch. Scrumptuos in a nicely heated tent. A finishing nice touch, the boys field dressed our some 45 beautiful ringnecks. What a great day! I feel the male ringneck pheasant is the most beautiful creature The Lord created and I thank him whenever I see one. Hunting is so much more than just the kill and the camaraderie and friendship we had at F&B sue exemplified just that. Great hunt with great people." Joe Forma

“I was out to F & B with a group of 4 for an afternoon hunt. I just wanted to write an email and let you guys know how much fun the group had! The experience we had was top notch from start to finish. The guides, the grounds, the birds, and especially the dogs! We will be back for sure." Justin

"Bill, Could not have had a better time nor imagine a better way to introduce Adam to the sport. I appreciated your sensitivity to asking if you could take him under your wing...I imagine some parents would be bothered by that but I preferred it. Any time I can expose my children to doing it the right way with an expert I'm only too happy to step back, beside that your demeanor was and is outstanding. Frankly, if you have half a brain it's not about killing birds, it's a walk in the woods with friends, it's watching the dogs work, it's having a laugh at a friend's miscue, it's challenging yourself to do something that is difficult, it's about the fun of shooting. If I could do all of that without ever killing an animal that would be just fine as well. You guys made the day. Thanks for a great day. And we will absolutely be back and we will bring friends." Greg

“Bill/Fred, Thank you again for such a great hunt and wonderful time! My dad was smiling all night and was having a blast telling my mom the stories from our hunt! Later in the night, my 8yr old son was asking if he could have this as his birthday present. Since the hunt, my dad has been telling everyone that he runs into and will listen about the time that he had, so you might be seeing some new business. You both truly made this a great experience! Your setup, patience, and good nature ribbing made this a hunt that we will treasure for a lifetime!" Best regards, Jeff

“Bill, Please say thank you and kudos to everyone! What a class act you guys are and we had a blast! You have us converted, so you’ll be seeing us very soon! You guys were AWESOME!" Craig

"Fred & Bill, We had a great hunt Sunday Morning despite the 50 mile hour winds. It brought back so many great memories from the past with my dad hunting for pheasants. I also enjoyed the time with my 4 nephews, 3 of which had never gone pheasant or any game bird hunting before. They could not stop talking about it. I appreciated the patience you guys took to make the hunt successful. You guys were all very helpful and knowledgeable and really made the hunt not just enjoyable but a learning experience for everyone. Those dogs of yours should get most of the credit though. If they could have spoken I am sure they had some choice words about our lousy shooting. Your property was perfect and provided us with a variety of hunting experiences. I had forgotten how fast a pheasant can be and challenging it can be to shoot." Ken and his four nephews

"Bill, We had a great hunt yesterday afternoon. Could not stop talking about it. Thanks again. It was a great time and brought back those memories of pheasant hunts of years ago. I did not understand that 15 birds meant 15 flushes and I appreciate the extra effort you and Fred went through to get us the birds... thanks again..." Eric

"Hello Bill and Fred, I hunted with you last Saturday with my son Andy and his buds Darren and Vinnie. We had an excellent time. Your territory is great natural cover and your birds are super flyers. We were impressed with your very extensive outdoorsmanship and friendly, competent manner. In an half an hour we all felt like we were hunting with long time friends and weren't just 'customers'. Best of all your dogs were dynamite. So well trained and in superb condition. They hunted at full speed for almost 5 hours and pulled off a couple of the best retrieves I've seen in 40 years of hunting. You sure can be proud of your canine buddies. I cleaned 5 of the birds and no sign of anything but soft mouth retrieves. Impressive. Every thing including the wild game [antelope and elk lunch) was top notch. thanks." Judge Joe Forma

"Hi Bill! Always a great time! You and Fred are wonderful hosts. Can't think of a better guy than you to put a new hunter with. Anthony felt so comfortable with you coaching him! Thanks Bill for taking the time and having the special interests in the young hunters that you do!" Brian

“Thank you once again for an extremely enjoyable and professionally executed hunt. My brother and nephew had a great time and your efforts made my nephew's first hunting experience very enjoyable! I'd like to thank Fred whom Brandon spent the majority of the hunt with, for his friendly and very helpful guidance, Brandon was impressed. Both Fred's and Elmore's dog handling and friendly attitudes along with the hard work of the dogs, makes it an easy decision to look forward to booking another hunt!" Yours Truly ~ Kevin

“I just wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with me and my son Tyler. I know it is your business but it felt more like we were hunting with you guys not being guided by you. Tyler enjoyed it so much he couldn't stop talking about it. We took one of his birds over to a Taxidermist and he is already looking forward to getting it back and displaying it. Thanks again and you will get our business again and I will recommend you to anyone looking for this type of hunt." Marc

"We had a great time. If it were not for your efforts my grandsons may never had the experience of hunting Pheasant. Thanks Again." Steve