Welcome to F&B Upland Birds

Open October 1st through January 31st!
We purchased additional birds for the 2O18-19 season
so we will be open until all birds are gone!

Located in Hamlin, NY (near Lake Ontario)
we have 150 acres of prime habitat, ranging from standing corn fields,
sorghum, switch grass, and hedgerows - all of which
gives the birds plenty of cover and makes for a very challenging hunt!

We take pride in the quality of our birds.

Hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs and hunt on their own,
or hunt with one of our professional handlers and dogs. lf you hunt with our dogs,
we guarantee you'll have a shooting opportunity for every bird purchased!

Bring a sense of humor and expect to be ribbed if you make a bad shot! :)
It's not one flush and you're done. We go back after any birds you missed.

Pheasant hunting is an experience you will never forget!
Bring your spouse, children, friends or co-workers and hunt with us.
You will have a great time and make a lot of memories that will last a lifetime!

If anyone has difficulty walking,
we can provide a ride in our Kubota
so they can be part of the hunt too!

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